AMMAN — The Civil Defence Department (CDD) has dealt with more than 1,500 fires in Irbid since the beginning of May, CDD Spokesperson Maj. Iyad Amr said on Sunday.

Amr listed a number of reasons for the high volume of fires, including negligence among people with regards to public safety, children playing with flammable material, arson and the inappropriate disposal of dry grass.

He denied allegations that some used magnifying lenses to intentionally light crops on fire.

The CDD called on farmers to place partitions between plots to prevent the spread of fires.

Amr also stressed the need to plow dry fields and burn in secluded areas.

He said that if dry grass is burnt in place, the resulting fire could spread to farmlands, forests and homes, becoming difficult to control.

Flammable objects must be kept out of the hands of children and citizens must report fires on sight, Amr added.

He said that the fires dealt with so far have burdened the CDD and inflicted monetary losses upon citizens.

The spokesperson called for coordination among relevant authorities and citizens to protect plants and produce, and to prevent fires.