AMMAN — Prime Minister Omar Razzaz on Monday said that the environmental problems caused by the cesspit, known as the “Pepsi Pool” in the Ruseifa area, need a sustainable engineering and environmental solution.

During a phone call with Jordan Radio, the premier said that the government has asked the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) to fund and set up the necessary plans for a project to turn the “Pepsi Pool” and its health hazards into an ecological park.

The infamous “Pepsi Pool”, a cesspit which sits in the heart of a populated and industrialised area east of Ruseifa, is known to be highly contaminated with industrial and domestic wastewater.

Residents of the area around the “Pepsi Pool” suffer from foul odours, mosquitoes and insects due to the stagnant water in the pool, which has accumulated as a result of sewage, household connections, water leaking from factories and rainwater.

Industrial dumping, mainly by the mineral and soft drink industries, and wastewater leaked from residential areas created a dangerous situation. During winter, rainfall would often cause the pit to overflow into the surrounding residential area, increasing the hazard to citizens and workers.

Razzaz added that the engineering and environmental solutions to the “Pepsi Pool” environmental problems will also be applied to the Jerash slaughterhouse, which is located near residential neighbourhoods, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported.

Earlier this week, Razzaz instructed concerned agencies with providing “swift” solutions to the problem of the slaughterhouse. As per the instructions, a specialised team will have to present its recommendations in five days.

The premier’s instructions came following a number of reports from residents who complained about the presence of health hazards due to the current status of the slaughterhouse.