Aug 19,2019

AMMAN — The Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry has floated 11 tenders to implement the second phase of installing solar cells to houses of beneficiaries of the National Aid Fund, which is financed by Fils Al Reef to reduce financial burdens of these families.

Energy and Mineral Resources Minister Hala Zawati said that 3,166 households whose monthly power consumption is less than 300 kilowatts per hour will benefit from the second phase, according to a ministry statement.

Fils Al Reef is a fee added to each kilowatt a household uses and was initially introduced with the aim of financing the installation of power cells in remote areas.

Zawati highlighted the importance of the scheme in reducing the costs of monthly electricity bills for the beneficiaries and contributing to addressing poverty by incurring the costs of installing these solar cell systems for targeted segments.

The project is part of the ministry’s efforts to spread a culture of ethical power consumption by utilising sustainable energy sources and increasing their contribution to the total energy mix, Zawati noted.

The Fils Al Reef Department is accepting applicants who are already beneficiaries of the NAF, whose monthly consumption does not exceed 300 kilowatts per hour and who have enough space to install the system, according to the department’s director at the ministry, Ziad Saaydeh.

A total of 12,000 families are expected to benefit from the project this year across the Kingdom, out of some 100,000 families to be targeted in the programme over several years.