AMMAN — The significance of the environment lies in its connection to human security and the socio-economic development of Islamic peoples, HRH Princess Sumaya stated.

Princess Sumaya made these remarks while participating in the eighth edition of the Islamic Conference of Environment Ministers on behalf of HRH Prince Hassan, ISESCO goodwill ambassador, which was launched at the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (ISESCO) headquarters in Rabat, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported on Saturday.

The princess said that in light of major changes the world witnesses, “we should not forget that our future depends on our ability to adapt, create and innovate to face climate changes”.

In this regard, she noted that the sustainable development concept is not new to Islam, as the latter has not only established constraints governing man-environment ties, but also the human relation to the entire universe, according to Petra.

Ministers of environment of Islamic countries over two days discussed means to establish a world Islamic network for environmental and sustainable development action, a draft strategy to activate the role of culture and religion factors in preserving the environment and realising sustainable development in the Islamic world.

Princess Sumaya, president of the Royal Scientific Society, attended the launching ceremony on Wednesday, which was held under the theme of “The Role of Cultural and Religious Factors in the Protection of the Environment and Sustainable Development”.

The conference adopted “the Report on ISESCO’s Efforts in the Fields of Environment and Sustainable Development between the 7th and 8th sessions of the Islamic Conference of Environment Ministers”, according to the organisation’s website.

It also extended appreciation to ISESCO for its efforts in the fields of environmental protection and sustainable development. In this regard, the conference urged the organisation to sustain coordination and consultation with competent parties in member states and national, regional and international competent authorities, in order to meet the Sustainable Development Goals and promote joint Islamic environmental action, the website added.