By Bahaa Al Deen Al Nawas – Nov 13,2019
AMMAN — In pursuit of a life-long dream, Shadi Tailakh started an eco-friendly construction company, which is now the “sole producer” of an eco-friendly building product.

Tailakh was one of several entrepreneurs from around the Kingdom to meet with His Majesty King Abdullah last week. During the meeting, His Majesty reaffirmed his keenness to support young Jordanians’ innovative projects, heard from the entrepreneurs and voiced pride in their achievements.

“Meeting His Majesty was a dream of mine, and I am very glad it came true. The King listened to a group of entrepreneurs talking about their products like the father and leader he is,” Tailakh said.

“When I left the meeting hall, I felt very proud, and understood His Majesty’s message to us to shoulder the responsibility of achieving growth in Jordan and the community to preserve the Kingdom’s resilience,” he added.

Although he had not finished his secondary education (Tawjihi) by the age of 18, Tailakh attended workshops through the Labour Ministry’s Specialised Training Institute for Metallurgical Industries in 2008, which enabled him to work as a technician in several companies, he told The Jordan Times on Wednesday over the phone.

Through the training, he was able to find a job abroad, where he worked for five years until he became a production manager.

However, Tailakh said that under new requirements in the country at the time, he was not able to remain in his position without obtaining a bachelor’s degree, which prompted him to return to Jordan in 2014, the same year he began working again on completing his Tawjihi.

While pursuing his BSc in business management at the Hashemite University, Tailakh experimented with developing a cement panel that is light-weight, can isolate heat and sound and is not affected by weather conditions or even fire, while at the same time being eco-friendly.

“I faced a lot of criticism from society about everything I did, especially the idea of wanting to obtain my Tawjihi and bachelor’s degree even after having been married and with children. But I paid no heed to their negativity and pushed forward, obtaining the degrees and opening my own project, while also looking for partners who believed in my idea,” Tailakh said.

“Khadre Tailakh and Abdul Elah Tailakh are my partners, supporting the project with their expertise in marketing and management. A feasibility study revealed that the project would be successful financially, and so we decided to start the production line and establish the company,” the entrepreneur noted, adding that the company, MCGB, was founded in 2016 in Zarqa.

The EPS light cement panel can be used in all kinds of buildings, from houses to villas to schools, hotels and even industrial facilities, Tailakh said, noting that the company currently provides more than 20 job opportunities, the number of which increases based on demand.

The product was adopted by the Royal Scientific Society (RSS) and several international organisations, including the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and government institutions including the Tourism Ministry, the General Intelligence Department and the University of Jordan, according to Tailakh.

The company was named best industrial and entrepreneurial project for 2019 in the Planning and International Cooperation Ministry’s Iradah Programme, the founder said.

Tailakh said that, at a recent conference organised by Finland at the Dead Sea, his company signed a partnership deal with Gesto, a Finnish company.

Under the deal, Gesto will adopt MCGB’s product and utilise it to build housing units that will serve limited-income communities around the world, including Kenya and Somalia, according to Tailakh.

“I would like to send out a message to all young people out there. Utilise your time and find your purpose, and no matter what challenges lie ahead, face them and organise your life, and you will get what you want,” he concluded.