Swedish chain to halt use of single-use items such as cutlery and straws in its cafeterias, introduce new line of environmentally friendly products made from recycled plastic, including curtains, kitchen facades, carpets and bottles
i24NEWS|Published: 10.24.19 , 22:57
The popular Swedish retail furniture chain IKEA will be discontinuing sales and use of disposable plastic in its stores across Israel.

IKEA Israel is seeking to reduce damage to the environment by removing certain furniture accessories from its product line.

It is also doing away with plastic plates, cutlery, and straws used in the store’s cafeteria. In addition, there will be an alternative solution provided to plastic bags.

In terms of furniture, a new line of environmentally friendly products will be introduced, including curtains, kitchen facades, carpets, and bottles – all made from recycled plastic.

Many environmentalists consider plastic straws to be the most heinous form of plastic waste, due to the lightness of straws they are more likely to end up in oceans, which leads to fish and birds consuming them.

According to a report by Globes, IKEA is the latest to join a growing list of plastic-free companies.

Israeli coffee shop chain Landwer recently announced that it would be banning plastic in its establishments.

Other companies are likely to announce similar bans in the coming weeks, the report said.