Transformation aims to stimulate trade and tourism activity

By Maram Kayed – Nov 24,2019

Tourists and locals stroll along King Ghazi Street, which used to accommodate around 220 shared taxis, but is now pedestrian-only following renovation work by the Greater Amman Municipality (Al Rai photo)

AMMAN — King Ghazi Street, in the centre of downtown Amman, has now become a pedestrian-only street after being revamped, meaning that shared taxis will no longer be allowed to use the street as a pick-up location.

Previously accommodating around 220 shared taxis, the street has now become pedestrian-friendly, on par with Wakalat Street in Sweifieh, according to a Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) statement.

Director of the Transport Operations Department at GAM Khalid Abu Aleem stressed the difficulty of allowing 220 taxis on the street after its rehabilitation.

He pointed out that “before any work was done, GAM provided an alternative location for car parking services and taxi pick-ups on Yaqout Al Hamawi Street, which is only 300 metres from King Ghazi Street”.

The decision to prohibit parking on King Ghazi Street is “irreversible”, according to Abu Aleem, as “the presence of parking and pick-up activity creates traffic obstructions at the site, which is a problem that GAM has sought to solve through the rehabilitation”.

Except for the loading and unloading of trucks, the street will now only accommodate pedestrians, which GAM said is “more in line with the nature and heritage of the site”.

Through its rehabilitation work in downtown Amman, GAM’s aim is to stimulate trade and tourism activity, according to former GAM Spokesperson Mazen Farrajeen, who said that the work included “the modernisation of the entire infrastructure of rainwater drainage networks, street tiles, agricultural basins, stone pillars, lighting works and stairs”.