January 13, 2020

Sharqiya Governor Mamdouh Ghorab announced on Friday that 43,800 tons of waste have been removed from the city of Zagazig – specifically the areas of al-Ghar, al-Asalugy, Mubarak, and Farouq Street – and transferred to the Khattara landfill, as part of a plan to preserve the environment and protect the health of citizens.

This comes to implement a protocol signed between the ministries of Military Production, Local Development, Environment, and Planning to upgrade the municipal waste management system and remove garbage accumulations, ensuring a healthy, safe and clean environment.

Ghorab said that the Sharqiya governorate has to get rid of random dumps, remove the waste there and transfer it to the landfill in Khattara, in addition to intensifying the cleaning work with morning and evening shifts until the waste would be completely removed.

The head of the Zagazig municipality Diaa Eddin Abu al-Azm explained that work on lifting and transporting the waste to Khattara landfill is proceeding in full swing, in cooperation with the company assigned to the task.

The total volume of the waste is estimated at about 50,000 tons, al-Azm said, and that since work began up to 43,800 tons have been removed, representing a major breakthrough.

Sharqiya governorate removes 43,800 tons of waste