The Objective of the Collaboration is to expose and provide access to Israeli technologies in areas of clean energy and climate tech in the UAE and in related markets

According to Sultan Al Rashid : I’m thrilled to have met Capital Nature’s team and its portfolio companies who bring true innovative technologies for  sustainability related challenges. Our collabotration with Capital Nature and its companies can bring significant value to the UAE and related geographies and I’m certain that this collaboration will be a great success.   

According to Anat Tsour Segal, CEO of Capital Nature: “This is the harbinger of a promising and extensive strategic collaboration for Capital Nature in the UAE; we are enthusiastic about the new opportunity it represents for Capital Nature and its portfolio companies, for advancement of knowledge-intensive technologies in the fields of sustainability and climate-tech”

UAE, Israel, __ November 2020: Investment company Capital Nature today announced a strategic collaboration in the United Arab Emirates and in the Persian Gulf with Sultan Al Rashid – CEO and Founder of Relam Investments, and Vault Management Consultants.

Under this collaboration, the parties will strive to expose and implement the solutions and technologies of Capital Nature’s portfolio companies, in the UAE and related markets. In addition, direct investments as well as fund raising activities will be promoted in Capital Nature, its portfolio companies, and in new ventures.

Anat Tsour Segal added: “we are enthusiastic about the potential of this multi-faceted collaboration: the technologies we can bring to the UAE are very relevant in addressing some of the most imminent challenges related to clean energy and climate-tech, and we are excited from the important market opportunities and partnerships this collaboration may open”

Abaout Vault  Relam  Group: Vault Management Consultants is the consultancy arm of the  Relam  group.  the company looks at various types of consultancies starting from Feasibility studies, human resource, management consultancies, marketing and research consultancies, environmental, franchising, business opportunities, strategic partnerships and start-up business consultancies and also conduct studies on all these fields.  Leadership is an area Vault Management Consultants focuses on where the company tailors various programs in the field of human development and also in vocational training development