Abu Dhabi Waste Management Centre (Tadweer) reopened the Liwa Compost Plant in Al Dhafra after a major refurbishment to increase its capacity.  

The plant can produce 20,000 tonnes of organic fertiliser a year by recycling agricultural and animal waste from farms in Al Dhafra.   It supplies municipal projects, farms and palm oases with compost that helps improve soil fertility, reduces water consumption and contributes to environmental protection.  

Teams worked for a year to refurbish the plant, which originally opened in 1998.   The compost is an eco-friendly alternative to chemical fertilisers and meets the strict requirements of the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment.  

“The refurbishment of Liwa Compost Plant articulates Tadweer’s … vision to protect the environment and promote eco-friendly practices in the management of agricultural and animal waste,” said Salem Al Kaabi, director general of Tadweer.  

“The plant reduces the need to import chemical fertilisers and gives a strong boost to eco-friendly manufacturing industries.   “In increasing the capacity of the Liwa Compost Plant, Tadweer seeks to bring about a paradigm shift in integrated waste management, while supporting the sustainable development goals outlined by Abu Dhabi Vision 2030.”  

Tadweer is responsible for all waste management services in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, including waste disposal, recycling and educating communities about the important of protecting the environment. It has been making a major push in the past few years to encourage more people to recycle. (The National)