“The Green station project will help reduce the amount of plastic waste and encourage recycling.”


New recycling ‘Green Stations’ will be set up for pesticide containers in a pilot program that is a joint effort of the Adama company, Israel Nature and Parks Authority and the Yoav and Lachish Regional Councils. This is a first-of-its-kind project and dozens of these stations will be set up in the area, said Adama.

The stations will be for pesticide containers from all companies and solve the current system in which the plastic containers are thrown into regular trashcans, or left in open spaces, causing pollution, said the company. The plastic waste will be collected once every three months and taken for treatment at an Adama facility. It will then be used to create insulation for communications infrastructure.

Special floors were installed in the stations that will prevent pesticides leaking into the ground, and samples will be taken of the ground to ensure that no leakage occurs, according to the company.”We recognized the problem and took it upon ourselves to find a solution that would make things easier [for farmers] and be in line with Adama policies,” said Dr Eran Segal, Adama’s director of sustainability.”

The Green station project will serve farmers and workers who make use of substances that protect plants and will help reduce the amount of plastic waste, encourage recycling and protect open areas of land and the environment.