You can participate and help in current projects at the Palestine Institute
for Biodiversity and Sustainability ( even from abroad.
Below is a partial list to give you an idea of ongoing projects that can
use your support

-Unity and Diversity in Nature and society (collaboration with Galilee
Society and center for Rapprochement)
-Community Development and Biodiversity Conservation at a world heritage
site (Al-Makhrour valley)
-In situ and ex situ conservation of rare and endangered plants
-Developing a new National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plans for
Palestine (with the environment Quality Authority)
-Medical zoology projects relating to human – animal interactions
-Advanced molecular biology phylogenetics studies of plants and animals
-Protected area managements
-Children education project periodic events and an upcoming summer camp
-New museum buildings and New Landscape design in the gardens around
-Herbarium and collections work (preserving voucher specimens for fauna &
flora biodiversity studies)
-Research projects including in major areas of environmental justice, human
rights, biodiversity conservation etc
-Community and botanic garden projects

Email us at indicating your interest and for any
questions Also we decided to have the meetings of the Palestine Action for
the Planet every other Friday 4 PM Palestine time. so the next meeting is
25 June. We can even discuss one of those projects/ideas listed above at
each meeting.