By JT – Feb 28,2022

AMMAN — The Water Ministry seeks to increasingly rely on renewable energy by “treating sludge resulting from sewage stations”, Water Minister Mohammad Najjar said on Monday.

Inaugurating a workshop on improving energy efficiency in purification stations project, in cooperation with the German Development Bank (KfW), Najjar said that the ministry will embark on implementing electricity-generating projects at sewage water treatment stations to provide resources for the water sector for energy to reduce energy consumption and expand reliance on alternative energy.

He added that the project includes a study of 10 sewage stations and plans to implement the project at three stations in west Jerash, Naur and south Amman with a total value of 44.8 million euros, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported.

Water Authority Secretary General Bashar Batayneh said that the total cost of the 10 stations stands at 69 million euros, 49 million euros to be financed by KfW and 20 million euros by the EU.