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April 23rd, 2022, Impakter, Climate Change, Water Scarcity and a Shrinking Dead Sea: Jordan Faces a Perfect Storm by Amber van Unen
Bottom Up Education


On April 26th, a geopolitical tour was led by the Ramallah office to a group of students from Rudbeckianska upper secondary school in Sweden. The group visited the Jordan River (baptism site) and the Dead Sea. The group learnt about the Water issues in the Jordan Valley and the work that EcoPeace is doing to tackling these environmental challenges
IsraelThe Water Diplomacy program for Young Professionals 2nd National Workshop took place at the Kinneret / Sea of Galilee from April 7-8th, 2022. A group of 22 Israeli participants joined this two-day workshop that concluded the national phase of the water diplomacy program.
Our Young Professionals program in Eilat officially kicked off with it’s first national conference on April 28th and 29th. Israeli students participated in roundtable discussions about saving our Red Sea. In addition the students participated in a myriad of guest lectures including Cassia Patel, the director of programs at Oceanic Global. She enjoyed meeting the Eilat YP’s and was impressed with the individual participants and our unique grass-root accelerator program. She has graciously offered to continue working with us and help mentor the group
 Eilat Billboard CampaignEilat Municipality and EcoPeace’s own Ziggy Livnat, created art showcasing the harmful effects of plastics in the Red Sea. The art appears on billboards throughout the city of Eilat reminding the public of the need to protect the unique marine life.
Top Down Advocacy

Screening of Dead Sea Guardians 

On April 20th we participated in a screening of the documentary movie – “Dead Sea Guardians”. The movie follows 28 swimmers from all around the world that swam for the first time ever across the Dead Sea – entering the Guinness World Record for the swim.

Our own Munqeth Meyhar, former Jordanian Director, stars in the documentary, together with a Palestinian lifeguard and Israeli swimmer activist Oded Rahav. The swimmers utilized the unique swim to raise awareness of the manmade disaster taking place at the Dead Sea.

Following the screening, EcoPeace Israel director, Gidon Bromberg participated in a panel discussion on what needs to happen to save the Dead Sea with Oded Rahav and the creators of the movie Ido Glassan Yohav and Yoav Kleinman moderated by the government relations manager at EcoPeace Israel, Sharon Bengio. The audience showed a lot of interest to engage in our work.Meeting with members of the German Parliament

On the 13th of April 2022, a meeting took place in Ramallah with a group of German parliament members and NAFFO ( A number of issues were discussed, the most important of which were, Palestinian water rights and opportunities for a comprehensive and just peace that guarantees the dignity of the Palestinian people. The files of regional cooperation and climate diplomacy were also discussed.
  Ambassador Tour in Jordan
On the 12th of April 2022, EcoPeace Amman organized a tour in the Jordan Valley for the Australian Ambassador to Jordan His Excellency Bernard Lynch and the Water Advisor at the embassy Mr. Stuart Valentine. The tour demonstrated some of EcoPeace’s projects in the Jordan Valley including the solar system at Tal Al Mantah wastewater treatment plant and the Jordan EcoPark. Promoting sustainability in the valley was discussed in depth and cooperation between all sides was explored.
Public Events
  Israel President’s Climate Forum
On April 13th EcoPeace Tel Aviv staff participated in the Spring Conference of the Israeli President’s Climate Forum led by former MK Dov Khenin. The conference, attended by the Israeli Minister of Energy Karine Elharrar, focused on presenting the projects that will be promoted by the various working groups in the forum. Gidon Bromberg, co-chair of the Forum’s working group on regional cooperation, presented the need to advance renewable energy projects, particularly in Area C of the West Bank for the benefit of Palestinians.