Water International

Volume 47, 2022 – Issue 3: 480-505 Published online: 01 Feb 2022

Natalija Vojno,

Rozemarijn ter Horst,

Hussam Hussein,

Tim Nolden,

Adham Badawy,

Anna Goubert,

Bota Sharipova,

Francisco Pedrero,

Stas Peters &

Simon Damkjaer


Most people on this planet are under the age of 35. They have been raising their voices in discussions on climate change in recent years, while this is well documented, their roles in water cooperation are not. Drawing on examples from desk research, an online survey, and action research alongside young water leaders, this article seeks to map out various ways young people engage in water conflict and cooperation. This paper contributes to literature on water leadership by recognizing the fluid and adaptive roles of young people in water conflict and cooperation.