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Galilee Society, and the Palestinian  Center for Rapprochement between
People cordially invite you to register for the 2nd Global Conference on
Biodiversity & Human Diversity: “Towards Living in Harmony with Nature”.
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Our institute just published a series of papers in a dedicated journal
(special issue). You can find the links to the articles and their titles
below for your interest:

Abu Hammad, A., M. Santos, M. Qumsiyeh, M. El Hannani . 2022. Editorial:
Palestine – Environment and Conflict . Africana Studia 37, 5-6.

Qumsiyeh, M.B. and I.M. Albaradeiya . 2022. Politics, Power, and the
Environment in Palestine. Africana Studia 37: 9-18.—Albaradeiya.pdf

Husein, Duaa and Qumsiyeh, M.B. 2022. Impact of Israeli segregation and
annexation wall on Palestinian Biodiversity. Africana Studia,37: 19-26.—Qumsiyeh.pdf

 Sánchez, M. F. C.. 2022. The exploitation of natural resources in Area C
of the West Bank as indicator of annexation. Africana Studia, 37:27-47.

Qumsiyeh, M.B. and M. Abusarhan. 2022 . Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on
Biodiversity Conservation in the Iraeli Occupied West Bank, Palestine .
Africana Studia 37:49-58.

Qumsiyeh, M.B., R. Saeed, M.H. Najajreh, N. Katbeh-Badr, H. Ikhmais, O.
Simonett, A. Mackey, and M.E. Libert . 2022. Environmental Education and
Climate Change in a ColonialContext. Africana Studia, 37:109-121.

Najajreh, M.H. 2022 . Interview Dr. Issa Musa Albaradeiya . Africana
Studia, 37:125-127.

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