As announced earlier in August, a 25-fil tariff per single-use plastic bag at shops came into effect on Saturday, October 1, in Sharjah.

The move comes ahead of and in preparation for a complete ban on single-use plastic bags and materials in the emirate starting from January 1, 2024.

Both decisions were announced on August 23 by the Executive Council of Sharjah.

The tariff and eventual ban on single-use plastic bags aim to preserve the environment by reducing plastic waste, as well as to protect wildlife that sometimes mistake plastic bags as food, causing them injury and death.

The Department of Municipal Affairs in Sharjah is specialised in laying down the necessary plans and policies to implement the provisions of this resolution. It will also determine the types of single-use plastic bags and materials to be prohibited and the exceptions contained therein.

Earlier, Abu Dhabi began its ban on single-use plastic bags on June 1, 2022, in its bid to encourage the use of reusable products. Dubai also started applying a 25-fil charge to plastic bags in July this year, also with the aim of phasing out the disposable bags in two years. (GULF NEWS)