Jan 17,2023. AMMAN — The Economic Modernisation Vision’s executive programme has outlined 12 initiatives and 54 priorities for energy and water sectors at a value of JD688 million for the 2023-2025 period.

The initiatives include reviewing the fuel pricing mechanism, shifting towards smart grids, building electrical interconnection projects with neighbouring countries, prospecting for mineral resources, establishing the National Water Carrier Project and increasing the Kingdom’s strategic water reserves, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported.

The clean energy transition initiative will focus on updating the mineral resources strategy, and will work on drawing a roadmap for the use and production of hydrogen, studying the transition towards electric transportation and completing economic feasibility studies for the green hydrogen and green ammonia production project.

To enhance energy efficiency, the initiatives will embrace policies to reduce the cost of the electrical system, such as time-dependent tariffs. In addition, solar heater systems will be installed in several public and military hospitals, municipalities and underprivileged households.

In an effort to reduce energy supply costs, a financial sustainability plan will be developed in line with the gradual shift towards smart grids, and will supply industrial cities with natural gas.

As for the energy infrastructure development initiative, implementing the Jordanian-Iraqi electricity interconnection project will be the project’s key focus, in addition to raising the electric capacity between Jordan and Egypt to 1100 megawatts and choosing the best model for the Jordanian-Saudi interconnection project. 

Also, the fourth expansion project of the Jordan Petroleum Refinery Company will be addressed, along with a project to connect cities and industrial areas to natural gas networks.

The initiatives will also address Jordan’s electricity linkage with neighbouring countries, developing the capacity of the Aqaba oil terminal, sealing an investment agreement for the liquefied petroleum gas storage project and considering the generating capacity of renewable energy and green energy.

In water sector, the initiatives will focus on implementing a water loss strategy to reduce losses by 2 per cent per year. 

The initiatives will also build distribution networks and dams, and will work on finding new sources of water in order to improve the water supply.

A plan for the financial sustainability of the water sector will also be implemented, which will include exposing violations on water pipelines and networks and monitoring groundwater resources.


EMV initiatives worth JD88m target sustainable sector – Jordan Times

by JT – Jan 15,2023

AMMAN —  Seven initiatives and 24 priorities for the sustainable environment sector, valued at JD88 million, were announced on Sunday as part of the Economic Modernisation Vision’s executive plan for 2023-2025, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported.

The initiatives and priorities target sectors related to environmental sustainability, the green economy and green urban development. The plan features policies encouraging the transition towards a green economy, increasing green activities in industrial facilities, establishing agricultural projects for sewage treatment plants and raising the number of waste management facilities to a total of 18.

The plan supports a safe waste management system through allocating recycling locations, initiating solid waste management programmes and ensuring the safe management of waste containing mercury.

It also includes launching a national research platform for climate change, waste management, transportation and energy to protect biodiversity and natural habitats. According to the plan, green job opportunities will also be provided to bolster green infrastructure. Through an initiative to plant 10 million trees over 10 years, the plan also encourages the concept of smart farming and nature-based solutions. 


EMV plans 63 initiatives worth JD245m for high-value industries – Jordan Times

By JT – Jan 11,2023

AMMAN — The executive plan for the Economic Modernisation Vision (EMV) for the years 2023-2025 has identified 63 initiatives for the high-value industries in the industry, agriculture, food security and logistics services sectors, at a total cost of JD245 million.

The industrial sector’s initiatives aim to improve Jordan’s global rankings, enhance local industry’s competitiveness, maximise the volume of national exports, launch a policy to promote “Made in Jordan” products and create a strategic development database for manufacturing sectors.

In the agricultural and food security sector, the initiatives aim to improve Jordan’s global ranking, simplify regulatory procedures, expand agricultural lending programmes and agricultural industries that use local production inputs, strengthen strategic grain stocks, adopt modern technologies, improve training services, develop agricultural marketing networks and establish cooperative associations.

Initiatives pertaining to the logistics and transportation sector seek to streamline legislation and procedures related to facilitating transport and trade, upgrade infrastructure for land transport and ports, digitise government services and enhance public-private partnerships, according to the Jordan News Agency, Petra. 

It also focused on the establishment of sustainable development and environmentally friendly projects, including a solar energy project at Queen Alia International Airport, and promoting regional connectivity for the transport sector.

The initiatives also focused on the mining sector, and involve creating a regulatory umbrella for natural resources, stimulating investments in mineral resources, drawing up a national mining strategy, launching an e-platform for investment opportunities and marketing extractive industries projects