Caretaker Minister of Environment Nasser Yassine launched the “One Million Trees” campaign, which extends from February 2023 until the first of March 2024, and aims to encourage all Lebanese to plant forest and fruit trees in all Lebanese regions to mitigate the impact of climate change and actively participate in Lebanon’s commitments in the Paris Agreement on climate change. Minister Yassin called on all Lebanese to intensify efforts in planting trees in neglected lands and gardens. 

It should be noted that Lebanon is committed to planting 20 million trees before 2030 in the Paris Agreement, and to date, the equivalent of 4 million trees have been afforested by associations.

The ceremony included the launch of an electronic application that allows every Lebanese to register their contribution to planting trees so that every person can photograph any tree they plant, specifying its location and date of planting so that everyone contributes together to reach the common goal of planting one million trees before March 2024. (LBCI Lebanon