Renowned Climate Change Advisor at GHD Group Abu Dhabi Muwaffaq Al Khedery delivered an inspiring lecture to students at American University of Sharjah (AUS) about carbon emissions modeling and shared insights into the challenges and opportunities in transitioning to a low-carbon economy.

The lecture, entitled “National Carbon Emissions Modeling–How National Commitments are Developed,” is the initial lecture in the AUS COP28 Speaker Series, which aims to educate the AUS community on the climate change challenge, the role this change plays in shaping our environment and how these findings can facilitate organizations’ efforts to reduce their emissions and foster their climate commitments.

The AUS COP28 Speaker Series is one of many initiatives undertaken by AUS to mark COP28, which will take place in Dubai later this year. AUS has been invited by the UAE Climate Envoy to COP28 to be a part of the COP28 University Taskforce. In the lead-up to COP28, the university will be undertaking several activities and initiatives to showcase its climate action achievements, including this speaker series.

Al Khedery is an expert in climate science, greenhouse gas inventory compilation and modeling. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Ocean Science and a Master of Science in Environmental Modelling. In his role, he focuses on advancing government and company positions to combat climate change while possessing a diverse skill set in all aspects of climate change, including policy and negotiations. Prior to GHD, he worked as a climate change analyst at the UAE’s Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, where he led the modeling team responsible for developing the emissions model for the UAE’s second Nationally Determined Contributions and co-authored the UAE State of Climate Report.

During the lecture, Al Khedery emphasized that addressing climate change requires a multidisciplinary approach. 

”Climate change does not belong to any particular discipline. It is a phenomenon that has integrated itself into every facet of our natural and societal boundaries. To truly strive towards excellence in the field, one must be ready to explore concepts and disciplines far outside their preferred area of study,” Al Khedery said.

The lecture saw students eager to learn about the scientific methods and tools used to analyze and quantify carbon emissions from various sources, which will help them to develop a comprehensive understanding of the causes and effects of climate change and to identify opportunities for reducing emissions through policy, technology and behavior change.

Sustainability is a core strategic focus at AUS, reflected in its curriculum and operations. The university is renowned for its diverse sustainability initiatives, such as the pioneering Climate Action Plan launched to align with the UAE’s Net Zero 2050 strategic initiative. 

For more information about American University of Sharjah and its sustainable initiatives, visit www.aus.edu/sustainability.