The Yarkon River Authority has helped bring back two near-extinct species and improved wateer flow to the Yarkon River, but the cleanliness of the water is still a concern.


Published: MARCH 11, 2023

 A view of Tel Aviv’s Yarkon River. (photo credit: SHANNA FULD)
A view of Tel Aviv’s Yarkon River.
(photo credit: SHANNA FULD)

It all came back to Yonatan Raz: the Tel Aviv Municipality, the Water Authority, the Daniel Rowing Center. When researching and seeking experts who could talk about the history and water quality of the Yarkon River, the head ecologist of the Yarkon River Authority was the one with the story. 

And while Raz was happy to highlight his organization’s achievements – bringing back two near-extinct species; creating an improved water flow; inventing “fish ladders” to help finned creatures move from one side of a dam to the other – humans (or as Raz calls them, invasive species) – are still unhappy with the level of cleanliness of the water. 

The Yarkon River begins in Tel Afek, north of Petah Tikva, and flows west through central Israel’s Gush Dan and Tel Aviv’s Park Hayarkon. The 28-km. long body of water eventually filters out into the Mediterranean Sea. Today, hundreds of people frequent the river in shells (boats for competitive rowing), dragon boats, kayaks, paddle boats and motorized ones. 

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