The UAE’s ‘Year of Sustainability’ initiative for 2023 has released a ‘Sustainability Guide’ that will encourage residents to adopt more sustainable habits in their lives by offering practical advice and expert insights to inspire collective action. The 17-pager is available on the UAE Year of Sustainability’s website.

The guide includes input from a selection of members from the Sustainability Experts Network, which consists of UAE-based experts on the country’s sustainability agenda, and aims to address sustainability in various fields by encouraging the public to build lasting sustainable habits, such as promoting food portioning, switching to ‘slow fashion’, adopting a more plant-based diet and reducing red meat consumption.

This first edition of the guide focuses on responsible consumption and features expert-backed recommendations on how to approach sustainability from a multi-faceted perspective, looking at the financial, economical and health benefits of sustainable practices.

The sustainability guide is a much-needed resource that is made available to the public in order to enable them to adopt sustainable habits. Not only is it informative and educational, but the guide is incredibly useful in that it is designed specifically with the needs of UAE residents in mind, thus making sustainability a more attainable collective goal rather than a vague ideal.

The upcoming editions of the guide will target behaviours addressing the conservation of resources and climate change. (GULF NEWS)