Zarqa Water Authority apprehends suspects for illegal siphoning – Jordan Times

By JT – Jun 20,2023

AMMAN — The Water Authority in Zarqa Governorate, in collaboration with the relevant security agencies, has apprehended a number of individuals involved in water thefts on main water pipelines in the Ruseifeh District. 

In a statement, the Ministry of Water and Irrigation highlighted that the illegal acts included tampering with various sub-water connections which were used to illegally supply water to more than 100 properties and houses. 

Additionally, one house situated on state-owned land was found to be receiving unauthorised water supply. 

The estimated volume of water extracted through these illegal activities amounted to approximately 600 cubic metres within a 24-hour period, according to the Jordan News Agency, Petra.

Authorities uncover water theft cases in Wadi Al Seer – Jordan Times

By JT – Jun 23,2023

AMMAN —  A Water Ministry campaign against water theft has detected an illegal well inside a house that provided water for illegal tankers in Wadi Al Seer. Ministry personnel also detected five large pumps installed at the Wadi Al Seer spring, which were used to fill water for tankers for illegal sale, according to a ministry statement. The ministry said that a security force raided the location and removed all illegal fixtures and confiscated them.