In addition to the dead, wounded and maimed, the casualties include

Partners and environmental programs in Gaza between Palestinians and Israelis – yes, there have been and were until last week such programs and people. Some are dead, the rest in grief, shock and danger. See David Lehrer’s column in “The Times of Israel”:

Efforts to create partnerships between Arab states at the epicenter of climate change threats and technology developed in Israel to mitigate the damage.

And of course the local environment – infrastructure destroyed, toxic aftereffects of weapon, rubble, untreated waste and so on.

Time is also a casualty. As the window for effective responses to climate change continues to close, the time spent on regional hostilities is time lost when time is already short.

Those who have continued to work towards Palestinian / Israeli coexistence through environmental work and coexistence work generally nevertheless are thinking about what happens next. From the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies, “We envision a world after this war when we can work with partners—good people who will prioritize peace. … We are keeping the communication lines open, we are keeping hope for the future in our hearts.”

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