The Environment Agency–Abu Dhabi (EAD) and the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) announced their first partnership agreement by signing a Memorandum of Understanding to enhance green growth efforts in the UAE.

Based on the expertise that both parties enjoy in climate action and green development, this new partnership will enhance efforts to confront climate change and environment-related challenges in Abu Dhabi and beyond.

The MoU aims to establish a framework for cooperation between EAD and the GGGI, based on which projects and programmes that support relevant national plans and strategies in the UAE and Abu Dhabi can be implemented.

In addition, the deal will work to advance national ambitions that help strengthen the UAE’s global agreements and commitments. In addition, the circular economy, a concept that includes the sustainable use of resources and their management based on the reuse and renewal of production, will be addressed through this cooperation.

The signing of the agreement coincides with the start of the implementation of Abu Dhabi’s climate change strategy, which was recently launched, and commits the emirates to work with its main partners to achieve the target of effective climate action at various levels in line with the UAE’s strategic initiative that aims to achieve climate neutrality by 2050.

While the UAE prepares to host COP28, Abu Dhabi, represented by its government, is ready to present to the world key success stories and lessons learned in climate action and environmental protection. Building on both agencies’ extensive experiences and knowledge sharing will be a key approach for the partnership.

The Agency and GGGI will also pay special attention to the importance of engaging stakeholders from different sectors to ensure the process is being developed through a scientific and participatory approach, fostering a greener and more resilient UAE and Abu Dhabi.

As a founding member of GGGI, the UAE government started collaborating with the organisation in 2011. Since then, GGGI has supported the UAE’s transition toward a greener economy. Throughout this journey, GGGI successfully supported the development of key national green growth-related strategies and plans and supported the UAE’s international collaborations with other neighbouring countries in green development and climate change.