By JT – Dec 14,202

AMMAN — The Jordan Engineers Association (JEA) on Wednesday announced a study on national alternatives available for water and energy, to be referred to stakeholders for consideration. 

The study defines the concept of sovereign alternatives to water and energy projects as schemes and facilities that are established on Jordanian territory with government ownership, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported. 

The definition also suggests that these facilities are managed, operated and maintained by Jordanian experts, where no other party has the right to intervene and no foreign strategic partner is involved.

During the launch ceremony of the study, JEA President Ahmad Zu’bi said that Jordan’s decision to stop operating with Haifa Port is due to the increase in Israeli cargo and port insurance contracts, also contributed to a 50 per cent drop in Israeli gas pumping as a result of military circumstances underscoring the need for self-reliance and seeking alternative national sources of water and energy, particularly renewable energy.

For his part, former minister of water Hazem Nasser said that the water issue currently is a social responsibility and national duty, noting that refraining from signing the water-for-energy deal is a national duty, and that there are national sovereign resources that are capable of providing drinking water to Jordanians. 

In this regard, he urged the public not to waste water by rationalising consumption, and halting water theft, referring to the need to resort to the option of utilising ground water which costs less than desalinated water.