The projects include a company or research institute from Israel and one from the United States.


BIRD Energy announced a $9.75 million investment in cooperative US-Israel clean energy projects this week. The projects address various areas, including reducing carbon dioxide emissions, solar power, energy storage, heat energy, and energy efficiency.

The Israel – US Binational Industrial Research and Development Foundation (BIRD) oversees several other R&D programs, including those involving grants, Homeland Security and cyber.

The grant was made after a meeting in late November between the US Department of Energy, Israel’s Energy Ministry, and the Israel Innovation Authority, which selected the projects together.

The projects include a company or research institute from Israel and one from the United States.

“BIRD Energy’s collaborative platform linking Israeli and US tech companies engaged in creating solutions for globally important climate challenges has gained greater significance today as Israel is facing one of the most challenging times since its inception,” said Dror Bin, CEO of the IIA. “We see this significant collaborative effort as a continued vote of confidence in the resilience of the Israeli tech ecosystem.”

Chosen products mandated to cover 50% of total project costs

BIRD Energy explained that partners must propose a project centered around energy innovation with practical applications in both countries. These proposals undergo a meticulous review process before final selection. Chosen projects are mandated to have at least 50% of their total costs covered with a commitment to repayment in the event of commercial success.

BIRD Energy was launched in 2009 under the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007.

Among the selected partners are several Israeli companies, including Bar Ilan R&D in Ramat Gan, CarbonBlue in Haifa, and Boston Energy in Modi’in. The US partners come from nine states: Colorado, Indiana, North Carolina, Connecticut, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, New York, Missouri, and Texas.

“The BIRD Energy program stands as a testament to the successful collaboration between the US government and the Israeli government in industrial R&D,” said Dr. Gideon Friedmann, chief scientist at the Energy Ministry.

“The energy transition requires tangible, tailored solutions across diverse sectors,” Friedmann said. “This program helps companies to team up and handle the long, tough process of developing and commercializing innovative technologies.”