In line with the Abu Dhabi Climate Change Strategy and as part of the Abu Dhabi Environmental Research Network (ADERN), the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi and Zayed University have announced a research collaboration to develop Green House Gas (GHG) emission factors for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Announced during COP28, the partnership will see both entities work to identify the emission factors needed to accurately calculate Abu Dhabi’s GHG inventory. The research will help develop sector-specific emission factors through the collection and analysis of primary and secondary data, and help develop local emission factors for sectors where no data currently exists.

The research will review existing studies conducted in the region, reports, and databases on global and regional GHG emissions to gain a comprehensive understanding of completeness and applicability of emission factors appropriate to the specifics of Abu Dhabi.

Furthermore, the researchers will collect and analyse primary data from relevant government agencies, industries, and research institutions to estimate emission factors while collaborating with stakeholders, including government entities, private organisations, and academic institutions, to ensure the availability and accuracy of data.

As part of the final reporting phase, an emissions factor guidebook as well as a detailed report summarising the findings will be prepared, which also includes the Abu Dhabi-specific emissions.