February 2024

AMMAN: Jordan’s Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Saleh Kharabsheh on Monday lauded the country’s collaboration with partners to establish a green hydrogen investment infrastructure, the Jordan News Agency reported.

He was speaking after the first roundtable talks dedicated to green hydrogen investors, which saw participation from members of the National Committee for Green Hydrogen and representatives of local and international companies holding memorandums of understanding with the ministry on related projects.

The discussions at the meeting focused on the potential for hydrogen production, investment opportunities, and shared infrastructure.

Kharabsheh said collaboration with partners was critical if Jordan was to be able to bring to fruition targeted local green hydrogen initiatives.

He pointed out Jordan’s strong position in the region for its renewable energy capacity, which accounted for 27 percent of the country’s total electricity production by the end of 2022, citing the Arab Future Energy Index 2022 report.

The minister also noted his ministry’s efforts to promote Jordan as a key player in green energy exportation, in line with royal directives and the nation’s Economic Modernization Vision, which aims to establish Jordan as a leading hub in the region for hydrogen production and exportation.

The move toward a green hydrogen economy in Jordan has included the creation of a national strategy, a hydrogen roadmap, and a comprehensive regulatory framework to promote investment.

Kharabsheh thanked the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development for its support in organizing the roundtable, and he predicted that the event’s outcomes would pave the way for the development of viable green hydrogen investment models within Jordan.

Gretchen Biery, the EBRD’s regional director for the Eastern Mediterranean, highlighted Jordan’s advantages for investment, including renewable energy resources, geographical positioning, and mineral resources which, he said, collectively positioned Jordan as a key player in the hydrogen market.

He also noted the bank’s commitment to enhancing communication, embracing diverse viewpoints, and capitalizing on opportunities to advance Jordan’s green hydrogen sector.

Jordan aims to increase the use of renewable energy for its power needs to 50 percent and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 31 percent by 2030, according to its national strategy.