Winners of municipality contest focusing on home garden to be awarded in May

March 18, 2024

One of the posters of the contest Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Dubai Municipality on Monday announced ‘Dubai’s Best Homegrown Produce Competition’, one of the programs under Dubai Farms, which seeks to support citizen farmers who are productive agricultural entrepreneurs.

The competition aims to achieve self-sufficiency of the family from agricultural products and crops produced in their homes, as well as raise community awareness on the latest methods and techniques in agriculture.

The prizes will be Dh50,000 for the first place winner, Dh30,000 for the second, and Dh20,000 for the third. In addition, a ‘Medal of Dubai’s Best Homegrown Produce’, will be placed by Dubai Municipal Leaders at the front of the winning garden. The winners of the competition will be announced in May.

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Another poster under Dubai Farms for the competition Image Credit: Supplied

Muhammad Abdul Rahman Al Awadi, director of Agriculture Department at Dubai Municipality, said: “Dubai Municipality is focused on the goal of supporting community practices, which motivates both citizens and residents to produce sustainable local agriculture. It is a pivotal factor in the efforts to ensure the sustainability of the food security system and environmental resources. The commitment comes in support of the National Food Security Strategy goals, as well as Dubai Food Security Strategy, which aims at improving domestic production and reducing food loss and wastage, further consolidating the Emirate’s position as the world’s leading destination that combines aesthetic, environmental and food sustainability.”

He added: “The Municipality offers essential facilities to implement initiatives and programs to support the success of citizens’ agricultural projects and encourage them to make use of available spaces in their gardens thus boosting proportions of the contributions made by small-scale domestic agricultural enterprises towards Dubai’s domestic product ranges. It further aims to improve the quality of life and happiness of the members of the society.”


Dubai Municipality has allotted a one-month period to register for this competition through their website. Aspiring participants can fill out the form, which requires the owner’s personal data, place number, location of the area planted (courtyard or rooftop), details of cultivated items, irrigation methods, and a picture of the garden. All kinds of owners (property or lease) with home gardens are eligible to participate in the competition, while the owners of farmlands, members of the Supreme or Technical Committee, or other subcommittees are not entitled to take part.


Dubai Municipality’s criteria for assessment involves the use of organic fertilisers and reduction of chemical fertilisers and soil free of weeds, ensuring the safety of plant varieties from pests and diseases through integrated control method; and proper waste disposal and recycling of agricultural waste.

Furthermore, the criteria highlight points such as rationalising consumption of water and electricity, use of solar energy, application of advanced irrigation systems, preservation of quality and hygiene, and recycling of irrigation water. The diversity of plants grown and the balance of plants in the garden are also highlighted in the criteria to ensure overall appearance.

In addition, the criteria set standards for the type and quality of production, maintaining the garden’s hygiene, security, and safety measures such as guarding power lines, irrigation sockets, and service corridors within the park, and the requirement for an innovative and unique idea.

Through Dubai Farms, Dubai Municipality will provide a package of services and facilities that support its national farmers. It will provide agricultural extension services, control agricultural pests and necessary laboratory tests, competitive prices for agricultural supplies, machinery, and irrigation systems, and prepare the production agriculture strategy for Dubai.