By Maria Weldali – May 29,2024 –

AMMAN — Jordan is a favourable environment for investment in renewables, Chairman of the Board of Commissioners of the Energy and Minerals Regulatory Commission (EMRC) Ziad Saideh said on Tuesday.

Speaking at the weekly Government Communication Forum, Saideh pointed out that “throughout the past 25 years, Jordan has made notable progress in the vital energy industry, reviewing and constantly developing its infrastructure and laws that make Jordan a regional hub for green energy”.

Saideh said that renewables currently make up 29 per cent of the total energy consumption in Jordan, which aims to reach 50 per cent of electricity from renewables by 2030.

The total number of energy systems on the electrical grid system amounts to about 75,000 with a capacity of around 2745 megawatts, he added.

Regarding the EMRC’s efforts in promoting sustainable transport across the Kingdom, Saideh said that it has launched an application to help electronic vehicle owners locate charging stations in the country, offering users detailed information relating to the most efficient routes and services.—-emrc-chairman