The story of how Palestinians and Israelis in one West Bank village are working together to preserve water supplies.

Filmmaker: Joshka Wessels

The battle over access to clean water sources is ongoing across the West Bank, with illegal Israeli settlements frequently blocking access and polluting Palestinian farmers’ irrigation.

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But in the valley of Wadi Fukin, Palestinian and Israeli villagers work together on projects to preserve water supplies and protect their local environment. This cooperation is exceptional in the region, but the huge gains both sides have made are now threatened.

The separation wall is approaching and will physically divide the communities, putting an end to their collaboration and adversely affecting local water sources.

Local farmer Abu Mazen, some of his neighbours and their Israeli counterparts took the authorities to court to halt the construction of the wall.

This timely film looks at an issue of crucial importance to both Palestinians and Israelis and sets the context to the villagers’ legal fight.

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