Rashed M.Y. Al-Sa’ed
Birzeit University – Institute of Environmental and Water Studies; Birzeit University – Faculty of Engineering

International Journal of Environmental Studies, Vol. 67, No. 6, pp. 937-954, 2010

The annual discharges of municipal wastewater across the Green Line (the Israeli-Palestinian border) are causing a bi-national conflict with political, environmental, and economic dimensions. This paper surveys the current scope of wastewater facilities in Palestinian communities and discusses the immense challenges to achieving sustainable wastewater treatment facilities. Current Israeli water policy hinders effective regional solutions to trans-boundary wastewater issues. This paper proposes a less confrontational approach to solve common problems. The better management of bi-national wastewater resources could establish sustainable trans boundary sanitation facilities. This would bring a range of benefits to health, the environment, and socio-economic life.

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