A TED-inspired event at The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute (VLJI)

The Forum for Environment and Regional Sustainability at the VLJI is pleased to invite you to take part in a special TED-inspired event to be held on Tuesday March 29, 2011, 16:30-20:00 at The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute. The focus of this special day will be on environmental cooperation between Israelis, Palestinians and Jordanians in the fields of renewable energy, environmental education and research and on the connection between environment and peace.
The event will be composed of a series of short talks with a Q & A session at the end.

From Israel: Isaac Berzin, Ibrahim Yehia and Shahar Sadeh
From Palestine: Rana Qaimary, Ibrahim Absa and Adel Abu Ayyash
From Jordan: Sawsan Issa and Osama Suliman
Moderator: Sarah Ozacky-Lazar

The number of seats is limited. RSVP by Tuesday March 22, 2011.
For registration: http://www.vanleer.org.il/ted/register.htm