New Environment Ministry index classifies Palmachim Beach ‘dirtiest’ in Israel, while northern beaches receive high rankings; finds 80% of waste comprised of plastic

Yael Darel

Palmachim Beach has been named the dirtiest beach in Israel, according to an Environment Ministry index published recently.

The index, published once a week throughout the swimming season, ranks the cleanliness and quality of services provided along Israel’s public beaches.

According to the last three indexes, nearly 80% of Israel’s public beaches are relatively clean and maintained.

The only beach to be classified as “very dirty” was Palmachim Beach in the south. The nearby Galilee Beach, stretching from Gan Raveh Regional Council to Ashdod, was classified as “dirty.”

The ranking “fairly dirty” was given to a few public beaches, including Zikim Beach in Ashkelon Coast Regional Council, Tirat Carmel Beach and the southern beach in Nahariya.

The cleanest beaches on the list were comprised of Rosh HaNikra and Betzet Beach in the north and Mikhmoret beaches and Beit Yanai located in the Sharon region. The beaches in Bat Yam and Jisr az-Zarqa also received high rankings on cleanliness.

The Environment Ministry added that the most popular form of waste found in the Israeli beaches was plastic, making up at least 80% of the waste.,7340,L-4096363,00.html