12/06/2011 23:28

Environmental Protection Ministry opens public investigation against Ramot Shapira for allegedly dumping sewage into the public domain.
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The “Green Police” at the Environmental Protection Ministry has opened a public investigation against the Ramot Shapira Educational Institution and its administrators for allegedly dumping sewage into the public domain, the ministry announced on Tuesday.

Through an initially undercover investigation that the office has been conducting since May, the Environment Ministry reported that it has gathered evidence the organization and its employees have been pumping sewage from the institution’s pits into the local area. Ramot Shapira is located in Moshav Beit Meir just outside of Jerusalem, and next to the Masrek Nature Reserve.

After receiving a court order, a team of Green Police inspectors searched the grounds and confiscated accounting materials and other documents that strengthened suspicions against the institution, according to a ministry statement.

Thus far, the Green Police has investigated several officials from the organization, and the ministry said it intends to issue an indictment against them.

Attempts by The Jerusalem Post to obtain comments about the allegations from the institution were unsuccessful.