Water and Energy minister says Israel will overcome its water shortage over next decade; says ‘by end of decade the water we’ll all drink will be desalinated’

Ran Rimon
Published: 06.28.12

Water and Energy Minister Uzi Landau said Tuesday that the State of Israel will get through its water crisis in the upclong decade.

Speaking at the third annual convention for green economy, Landau said “water is an expensive commodity in our area, which is constantly at a state of a political-economic earthquake.”

The minister said that Israel will soon get through the crisis, noting that the world’s largest desalination facilities are being used by Israel, producing 300 million cubic meter of water per year.

“In two years, the State of Israel will produce 600 million cubic meters of water, while Israel uses some 1.2 billion cubic meters per year.

“By the end of the decade, desalinated water will flow from the western Mediterranean Sea to almost every house in Israel. By the end of the decade the water we’ll all drink will be desalinated. We have yet to emerge from the water crisis, but we are on our way,” Landau said.

Commenting on the treatment of waste water, the minister stressed that Israel is devoting resources to deal with the issue and has managed to convince the Palestinians to treat their sewage.

“Donor states are collaborating on projects related to water purification and preventing contamination of underground water that is within the territory of the Palestinian Authority. I hope these will yield results soon,” Landau said.