Biggest biogas conversion installation inaugurated in Be’er Tuvia; will treat livestock, organic waste

Published: 10.14.12

A new biogas conversion facility was recently inaugurated in Be’er Tuvia, a mosahv in southern Israel.

The facility aims to turn livestock waste – such as cattle-shed, hen-house and other organic waste – into elasticity.

The biogas installation was built by Eco Energy with an investment of NIS 10 million roughly $2.55 million).

Agriculture Minister Orit Noked attended the ceremony, as did Be’er Tuvia Council Head Dror Shor.

“This facility will provide solutions from both the farmers and the environment. Projects like this will free us of pollution power plants,” Shor told Tashtiot trade magazine.

Eco Energy owner Shay Levy added that, “The facility is based on innovations at the forefront of technology. We have people from Europe already exploring collaborations and we are looking into the possibility of building similar facilities overseas.”

The new biogas facility is expected to process dung produced by 10%-15% of the cattle-sheds in Israel, therefore significantly decreasing nuisances such as odors and flies, as well as preventing the pollution of underground water sources.

The Be’er Tuvia facility joins two other biogas facilities that are already operational in northern Israel.

Its output is set to be 4 megawatts of electricity – enough to power 6,000 homes.,7340,L-4284672,00.html