Volume 17, No.177, December 2012

4 Development which does not plunder the future (editorial by Najib Saab)
8 What’s at stake? (by Mathis Wackernagel)
18 The Arab ecological footprint (AFED’s 2012 report)
32 OFID’s projects for water, energy and food security (by Suleiman Al-Herbish)
34 Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences
36 Desertec on the track to generate renewable energy from Arabian deserts
38 Kharafi National’s pioneer project in Abu Dhabi biogas generates energy for two wastewater treatment plants
41 Why did PV lighting fail on Dahr el-Baidar highway in Lebanon?
50 Environment Agency-Abu Dhabi pursues Vision 2030 for a sustainable future
54 Priceless or worthless? (100 most threatened species)
62 UAE ecological footprint initiative
64 Products from wastes Cedar Environmental’s experience
66 Greenland booming with climate change! (potential oil and minerals under the thawing ice sheet)
68 Mekong dams robs millions their protein
70 Sudbury’s environmental revivaln (correcting 100 years of environmental destruction in a Canadian town)
74 Following H.D. Thoreau’s footsteps (his records reveal evidence of climate change)