The government approved on Sunday an additional budget of NIS 42 million for environmental improvements in Beduin communities, to supplement the existing NIS 40m. budget already allocated for this purpose in July. Environmental Protection Minister Amir Peretz requested the funds in order to advanced waste treatment systems for the Beduin sector, according to the ministry.

Among the local authorities to benefit from the aid will be Rahat, Hura, Kesefia, Lakiah, Segev Shalom, Arara BaNegev, Tel Sheva and the Neve Midbar and Al-Kasom regional councils, the ministry said. Many of the communities included in the program currently lack proper waste removal systems, prompting residents to burn their garbage.

“This is another step in the path toward environmental revolution in the Beduin communities, which will receive from us the most advanced means for treating hazards and preventing air, river and ground pollution,” Peretz said.

Next month, the Environmental Protection Ministry and Agriculture Ministry will also be proposing a NIS 16 million river rehabilitation program for Nahal Dimona and Nahal Hebron – both located near Beduin communities, the Environment Ministry said. -Sharon Udasin