Social media has again proved to be a powerful tool in Tunisia, where a group of people started a Facebook page that turns the ubiquitous ‘selfie’ into an opportunity to express disgust with the country’s stinking trash problem.

SelfiPoubella, which joined Facebook on May 16, 2014, aims to keep people from ignoring the problem.

The group encourages residents to take a selfie of themselves standing in front of a big trash heap somewhere in the country and then share it on Facebook and Twitter. By using the hashtags #SelfiePoubella (which means Trash Selfie) and the name of the city, town or village in which the photograph was taken.

Amazingly, the SelfiPoubella page already has over 14,000 likes and dozens of people are posting images of themselves – boldly exposing themselves for a cause they believe will effect change.

“Show the true face of our streets and the pollution of the environment,” the group urges on their Facebook page.

Tunisia is making moves to address the trash problem, which is no easy feat. In order to improve waste management, it’s necessary to have recycling services and a market for recycled goods, along with sophisticated methods of collecting, sorting and distributing waste to extract its remaining value.