The fanack website contains much clear and detailed information on the Middle East, including pages on water and energy and a special section in water on the red sea – dead sea project (see links below)

from their “about us”: Fanack is an independent online media organization committed to publishing and disseminating balanced and informed analysis about the Middle East and North Africa.

Since its establishment in The Netherlands in 2010, Fanack has developed a website presenting extensive information in Arabic and English about history, politics, economics, social issues and, more recently, the state of water and energy resources in 20 countries in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

The landing page provides background information about the organization and gives readers access to a series of thematic websites including the Fanack Chronicleof the Middle East & North Africa and specialist sites dedicated to water, energy and Islamic finance, among others. Overall, and its associated thematic websites feature more than 4,700 web pages.