By Hana Namrouqa – May 03,2016
Those who violate the regulations on sandblasting face a minimum prison term of 30 days and a maximum of three months or are fined JD300 to JD5,000 (Photo by Hana Namrouqa)

AMMAN — Many abrasive blasting businesses ignore laws regulating sandblasting operations in the country, thus causing public health and environment hazards, Imad Shawawrah, director of the Environment Police (Rangers), said on Tuesday.

“Despite the existing laws and heavy penalties against violators, some owners of sandblasting businesses are still following outdated methods by using dry sand to blast-clean buildings,” Shawawrah told The Jordan Times.

Article 5 of the sandblasting regulations for the year 2007 stipulates that sandblasting business owners must use wet sand in their operations instead of dry sand to prevent the spread of dust.

They must also isolate the site, use personal safety tools and collect and dispose of sand after the cleaning operation is over, among other requirements posted on the Environment Ministry’s website.

“The laws governing the process were introduced to prevent air pollution and protect people’s health, especially those suffering from asthma. We urge people to report to us on 911 about people using dry sand in their operations,” Shawawrah underscored.

Those who violate the law face a minimum prison term of 30 days and a maximum of three months or are fined JD300 to JD5,000, he said, noting that the penalties are doubled for repeat offenders.

“If the same violation is repeated for a third time, we seal the business with red wax and seize and confiscate the equipment,” Shawawrah highlighted.

He noted that the Rangers, the ministries of environment and municipal affairs, and the Greater Amman Municipality are tasked with monitoring and recording sandblasting violations.

“Since the start of the year, two sandblasting infringements have registered, while 44 violations were recorded last year and 17 violations in 2014,” Shawawrah said.
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