The Electricity of Lebanon has completed a plan that would increase energy production after raising the capabilities of two Turkish power generating vessels that supply Lebanon with power, al-Joumhouria daily reported on Friday.

“EDL concluded a plan that would increase power supply by about 100 megawatts after raising the production capacities of the two ships that lie off the Zahrani and Zouk power plants from 280 megawatts to 380 megawatts,” an informed source to the daily on condition of anonymity.

“The experimental steps have been concluded and the increase in production was put into implementation a few days ago,” they added.

The daily pointed out to a possibility to renew the contracts with the working ships for another two years until the current maintenance procedures in the Jiyeh, Zouk and Deir Ammar plants are complete.

Lebanon signed deals with the Turkish vessels some three years ago to provide it with electricity through power-generating vessels.

The country is plagued with a power shortage crisis compelling it to manage its limited supply with a combination of rationing and privately owned generator power.