08 October 2018

Caretaker Energy and Water Resources Minister Cesar Abi Khalil announced on Monday that an agreement has been reached with representative of Siemens company to coordinate efforts in a bid to find a solution for the electricity crisis in Lebanon.

“An agreement on bilateral cooperation between the Ministry and the company has been reached in order to find the required solutions to the electricity crisis in Lebanon,” said Khalil.

Describing the meeting as “very positive,” Khalil said it came to dispel “circulating rumors” that Siemans did make a proposal to solve Lebanon’s problematic electricity sector but was somehow “disregarded.”

The Minister added that “Siemens will support the financing of the IPP (Independent Power Provider) project.”

For his part, the representative indicated that the company was “looking forward to cooperation with the Ministry of Energy to install an efficient energy system on the middle and long run,” noting that future meetings will bring more results.