By Maria Weldali – Sep 25,2019

AMMAN — The Himmeh w Lammeh public initiative will be launched on Saturday in an attempt to foster a culture of volunteerism and promote the cause for a cleaner Jordan.

“This is the start of creating an impact and reminding the Jordanian people of the importance of a clean environment with the help of our strategic partners including the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, JITOA (Jordan Inbound Tour Operators Association), Nahno organisation, Naua and others,” Lana Hamarneh, Himmeh w Lammeh’s founder, told The Jordan Times on Tuesday.

The public initiative will offer various insights to the volunteers who choose to donate their time and energy to collect rubbish and partake in the bid to bring an end to littering across the Kingdom. Hamarneh noted that the key to achieving the initiative’s goals is people realising that the cleanliness of the country reflects positively on the economy, tourism and ultimately, society.

“Our campaign will involve taking to tourism sites and parks. It will be launched on September 28 across all of the Kingdom’s governorates from 9AM until 2PM,” Himmeh W Lammeh (@HLammeh) wrote on its Twitter account.

“This campaign aims to equip the Kingdom’s youth with new skills and form a new community that uses creativity to learn the importance of recycling and keeping our country clean,” Hamarneh said in the interview, stressing the importance of instilling these values in children as young as preschoolers.

“Our purpose is to sustainably develop our country and our initiative intends to change the culture of customary littering that has been bred out of carelessness,” she noted.

“Several types of pollution are man-made, so joining hands across the Kingdom through Himmeh w Lammeh is a great thing because by collecting cigarette tips, plastic bottles and bags, our country becomes a cleaner and therefore happier place within a matter of hours,” an active volunteer said.

“As a national platform for youth volunteering and participation, we want to create a positive impact — whether directly or indirectly,” Khaled Abu Ajwe, operations director at Naua, one of the strategic partners of the initiative, said.