Ghaida Abdallat and Rakez Al-Zareer
Ghaida Abdallat, Center for Strategic Studies (CSS), University of Jordan.
Rakez Al-Zareer, CSS, University


Due to regional instability in the Middle East (Syrian and Iraqi wars), which were connected to many threats and damage to the critical water infrastructures and resources in Jordan by individuals and/or terrorist groups (such as the Islamic State (Daash)). In order to secure public health and the environment, an advancing and intensified strategy for protecting water infrastructures has been launched through the “Water Infrastructures Security Department” at the Jordanian Ministry of Water and Irrigation. This paper provides explanation for the National Legislative efforts to protect water infrastructures in Jordan, where intensive monitoring has been started, covering the top priority of water resources and facilities, especially those situated at the Jordanian-Syrian-Iraqi borders. The measures are designed to protect water facilities of all types from individual or collective acts of sabotage, such as pollution, damage, violence and explosions. For that purpose the established Water Infrastructures Security Department in the Ministry of Water and Irrigation, its workings and corporations is explained with several case studies of sabotage, damage and terrorist attacks.

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