The company is now partnering with leading figures and sports clubs to help spread awareness about sustainable activities.
Brazilian soccer legend Cafu has partnered with Israeli sustainability start-up VeganNation in an ambitious initiative to protect the endangered Amazon Rainforest.

Cafu, who captained the Brazilian national team to World Cup glory in 2002, will serve as the company’s sustainability ambassador.

Established by Isaac Thomas, VeganNation is seeking to create the first-ever fully vegan economy, including the launch of the Vegan Coin cryptocurrency and social marketplace based on blockchain technology.

VeganNation recently secured a 10-year lease to preserve 15,000 acres of the Amazon Rainforest, all acquired with the Vegan Coin currency. The land will be open to preservation groups and activists, and prevent exploitation or destruction of the land by governments and business.

The company is now partnering with leading figures and sports clubs to help spread awareness about sustainable activities.

“It is really important to have a healthy environment, and to help the Amazon – a really important cause to embrace and be a part of,” said Cafu, visiting the company’s offices. “Athletes are opinion-builders and influencers. We have to use our opinions to bring something good and positive to the planet. Sometimes we close our eyes to our own problems, but if everybody helps the world together, we will have a better world.”

Cafu is joined in Israel by other ex-Brazilian stars, who played together in a “Shalom Game” against former Israeli professionals at Haifa’s Sammy Ofer Stadium on Tuesday.

VeganNation has already signed sponsorship deals with four teams in northern Brazil for its “United Saving the Amazon” campaign, and is in the process of securing three additional deals in the country.

“It is always amazing to be in Israel – everything here is sacred. We went to places that bring us a sense of holiness,” said Cafu, marking his second visit to Israel. “We feel how Israeli people like Brazil and understand that Brazilians like Israel as well. It is emotional to come here and feel this.”

In addition to partnering with Cafu, VeganNation is working to team up with additional former players, as well as to secure sponsorship deals with major clubs in Argentina and in Europe.

“The world of sport brings out the most untapped passion out of people – they come to matches, bring incredible energy to games and it stays on the pitch,” said Thomas, announcing the partnership with Cafu. “We need to connect the world of football with sustainability, with the need to support recycling and the environment.”

The company has raised $10 million in funding to date, and is currently working to raise an additional $10m. to accelerate its efforts.

“People still think of vegans as hippies and tree huggers, but not as an economic power,” said Thomas. “Veganism needs an economic force to drive it forward. The corporate world needs to drive it forward.”