Third National Energy Efficiency Plan on the anvil — Kharabsheh

By JT – Jan 03,2022

Saleh Kharabsheh

AMMAN — The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, under the National Energy Efficiency Plan, seeks to provide an empowering environment that improves energy efficiency in various sectors, Minister Saleh Kharabsheh said on Monday.

During a meeting with the plan’s action team, Kharabsheh said that the ministry is currently preparing the third National Energy Efficiency Plan in light of “the lessons learnt” from the implementation of previous national plans, and based on the best international practices, according to an Energy Ministry statement.

He added that the plan is being prepared in cooperation with relevant partners and in line with the energy sector strategy for the years 2020-2030.

The minister reiterated the need to spread national awareness by encouraging energy efficiency in the building sector through formulating codes applications, which will eventually reduce energy costs and raise the competitiveness of various economic sectors.

The importance of the plan, which acts as a roadmap, comes within the framework of the ministry’s endeavours to achieve the strategic goals of improving energy efficiency and reducing energy costs for all sectors, Kharabsheh said.

The minister also referred to the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Law, issued for this purpose, along with the terms and conditions of exempting renewable energy sources systems from all customs duties and sales tax.

He also listened to a briefing by members of the action team on the role of the plan in reducing power consumption and lowering greenhouse gas emissions, which will contribute to realising envisioned indicators for the Kingdom’s commitments towards addressing climate change and relevant international agreements.

National programme to reduce energy costs underway — Kharabsheh – Jordan Times

By JT – Dec 22,2021

AMMAN — A national programme meant to reducing energy costs for economic sectors is in the pipeline, Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Saleh Kharabsheh said on Wednesday. 

Kharabsheh, who is also chairman of the Jordan Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Fund (JREEEF), said that the national programme seeks to enhance development opportunities through supporting the economic sectors, according to a statement made available to The Jordan Times.

During a JREEEF’s board of directors meeting, where the fund’s action plan for 2022 was approved, Kharabsheh highlighted the importance of the fund’s efforts towards the revitalisation of green economy, noting that the total cost of such projects during the last 10 years reached some JD100 million.  

CEO of JREEEF Rasmi Hamzeh reviewed the fund’s achievements and main programmes in 2021, including the installation of 31,000 solar heaters and 7,000 solar panels for households, in addition to the distribution of 200,000 energy-efficient lighting units.

The JREEEF in 2021 also provided 157 schools, 650 places of worship (mosques and churches) and 121 small farms with energy efficient and renewable energy systems.

The fund also completed the energy rationalisation programme for Petra hotels and the launch of the municipal renewable energy programme, which included 30 municipalities in its first phase.  

The fund also installed energy efficient and renewable energy systems for 25 health centres, and included 16 social institutions in renewable energy programmes, among other achievements.  

Talks during the meeting also went over the fund’s 2022 plan with a budget of JD22 million that covers all sectors: domestic, industrial, agricultural, tourism, places of worship, schools, health centres and municipalities, as well as energy audit and public awareness programmes.