By JT – Jan 06,2022

Participants pose for a group photo during the signing of a joint action plan between the USAID Recycling in Jordan activity and the Organic Fertilisers Eco Systems Association on Wednesday (Photo courtesy of USAID)

AMMAN — The USAID Recycling in Jordan activity on Wednesday signed a joint action plan with the Organic Fertilisers Eco Systems Association, who have established the first environmental incubator in Jordan, “DAWIR” Incubator.

“DAWIR” provides financial and technical support to start-up groups in the recycling industry. Through this collaboration, the partners will provide innovative business solutions that can rapidly grow the recycling market, according to a USAID statement.

Moreover, this joint effort will enable start-ups and existing companies with creative ideas to provide new recycling services to the commercial sector in Amman, and support businesses in increasing their sales, reduce their operational cost, and help improve their businesses’ skills, the statement said.

USAID Recycling in Jordan activity deploys a market systems approach to increase commercial sector utilisation of recycling services in Amman, in partnership with the Ministry of Environment, the Greater Amman Municipality, the private sector, business incubators, and accelerators.

Incubators support innovative businesses in the recycling market and provide solutions that fill market gaps and expand recycling services.

“DAWIR” specialises in supporting and promoting awareness across the solid waste management and recycling sector. It also has extensive experience in the field of organic waste, according to the statement.

“DAWIR” focuses on providing startups and entrepreneurs in solid waste management and recycling with technical trainings in different fields including waste processing, gender issues, and networking, the statement said.